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  • "I was in to buy a little snowmobile helmet for my 7 year old daughter with my wife and infant daughter. The salesman (I wish I could remember his name) was very helpful and described the different helmets very well. He saw my 7 year old was a little scared about moving up to a "big" helmet and had a few tears, and he went and got her a little ice cream treat and explained the helmet to her which mad her feel much better. That made our experience great as she was so happy about that (the explanation and the ice cream). My wife was very grateful to him, and I wish I could have thanked him again too, but unfortunately I was completing my purchase at the parts desk and did not see him again. The check out parts guy was nice, and while we left another sales guy visited with us and was really kind and held the door open. It is a very nice staff there and I would recommend anyone to go in there and take a look. Please pass on my appreciation to the staff, and especially to the salesman who gave my daughter the ice cream!"

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    Anonymous - Bismarck, ND
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